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5 Late Night Singapore Supper Joints Not to be Missed

Looking for somewhere to eat in Singapore, but the kitchen of your favourite eatery has closed for the night?

For all those with late night hunger pangs, here’s a list of Singapore’s well-known supper places:

1.  Swee Choon Dim Sum Restaurant (Jalan Besar)
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 6pm-6am [Closed on Tuesdays]
Cuisine: Dim Sum
Swee Choon Tim-Sum

Calling all dim sum lovers, this one’s for you! Swee Choon serves up an assortment of dim sum including some signature dishes such as ‘Shanghai Xiao Long Bao’ (Shanghai steamed bun), ‘Mee Suah Kueh’ (vermicelli cake) and ‘Egg Yolk Custard Buns’.

If you are feeling a little more peckish, they also have substantial dishes, namely, their signature ‘Shanghai Pork Chop La Mian’, ‘Century Egg Porridge’ and ‘Double Boiled Chicken Soup’.

To end off your hearty dim sum supper, choose from a selection of Chinese desserts such as ‘Mango with Pomelo & Sago’ or ‘Yam Paste with Pumpkin & Ginko Nut’.

You wouldn’t expect top grade dim sum from Swee Choon, but for its affordable price, it’s definitely worth the quality and quick service.

Here’s a tip: Planning on heading there around 10pm?Be prepared to queue, as Swee Choon is popular amongst Singaporeans. However by 1am, the crowd usually clears up and you should be seated pretty quickly.

2.  The Roti Prata House (Upper Thomson)
Cuisine – Indian
Opening Hours: 24/7
The Roti Prata House
Cheese and Egg Prata, Paper Prata, Milo Prata and Durian Prata – you name it, they probably have it.

The Roti Prata House has one of the largest assortments of prata. From savoury to sweet, at least one, out of the extensive menu is bound to hit the right spot.

They are known for their unique way of cooking prata, which is to deep-fry it till it becomes especially crispy. For those who enjoy the extra crunch, this prata would definitely sit well with your taste buds.

If you are looking for other Indian delicacies, the Roti Prata House serves Chicken Briyani, Nasi Goreng and a hearty variety of curries, just to name a few.

Don’t expect brilliant service for the price you pay. You would probably have to wave the waiter over a few times before you get his attention due to the crowd but once the food is served, leave not your stomach wanting.

3.  Timbre @ Substation (Armenian Street)
Cuisine – Western
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday and Sunday – 6pm to 1am
Saturday – 6pm to 2.30am

Timbre@SubstationLive music from local bands, a bar and delicious food, come together at Timbre @ Substation.

Timbre@Substation2Timbre serves up a Western selection comprising of pizzas (sometimes, with a local twist as seen in their Roasted Duck Pizza that’s topped with crispy Popiah Skin), pasta, steak and delectable finger food. The pizza portion is considerably large and can easily be shared between 2 to 4 people. And if you’re spoilt for choice with regard to pizza flavour, go with the ‘The Half & Half’. It allows you to pick 2 flavours of pizza from their interesting selection to fit into one.

One downside would be that once the music starts playing, it’s difficult to hold a conversation, as your voice is likely to be drowned out. However, the atmosphere and food more than makes up for it and you will be guaranteed a night of great food and company.

Also, it’s best to make a reservation (call them up before 3pm), so as to avoid the long queues. If you are a UOB member, the card entitles you to the priority queue and 10% off your food bill.

4.  Ippudo SG (Mohamed Sultan Road)
Cuisine – Japanese
Opening Hours: Mondays to Thursdays – 5.30pm to midnight
Fridays to Saturdays – 5.30pm to 2am
Sundays – 11.30 am to 11pm
(Last orders: 1 hour before closing time)

Ippudo SG @ Mohamed SultanA hot bowl of mouth-watering, flavour bursting ramen is bound to satisfy a hungry stomach especially late at night.

Ippudo serves up bowls of ramen that come with a flavourful Tonkatsu broth. Their special broth, which is rich and hearty, should be enough reason to pay them a visit. The ramen noodles can also be customized according to the level of tenderness and if you are adventurous enough, ask for the noodles to be ‘very hard’, which means cooking it in boiling water for just 3 seconds!

Many enjoy Ippudo’s Akamaru Shinaji. What they call the ‘modern ramen’ is ramen, which includes pork belly, garlic oil, black fungus and ‘umami-dama’ a special miso paste to add on to their original Tonkatsu broth. Don’t be fooled by the simple ingredients. The combination of broth and noodles definitely packs a powerful punch.

As with every late night supper joint, it’s evident that long queues should be expected. Parking is also slightly tricky at this Ippudo branch, so carpooling or public transport is recommended. However, despite all odds, this is one meal that will leave you coming back for more.

5.  Spize (River Valley)
Cuisine – Fusion
Opening Hours: Weekdays: 12pm to 5am
Weekends: 12pm to 6am

Spize @ River Valley

If you can’t decide on whether to have Chinese, Indian, Western, Thai or even Mediterranean, you can have a little bit of everything all at one place – Spize.

Spize serves a huge amount of food, both in portion and assortment. Try their Roti John Chicken Special, which oozes with cheese, mushroom and chicken with every bite. The Nasi Goreng and Char Kway Teow are favourites too amongst the late night supper crowd. Those who fancy something a little more unique should try their truffle fries.

Spize’s motto should be ‘go big or go home’ because they deliver in quantity and size. The seating area itself is pretty huge, so while that probably guarantees you a seat, it also means that service isn’t all that tiptop. Expect one or two orders to be forgotten but give the waiters a gentle reminder and your food should be on its way.

After a late night of partying in the Clarke Quay area or if you’re just feeling peckish, Spize is a one-stop food spot to satisfy all late night hunger pangs.

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Images (from top to bottom) courtesy of FoodieFC, Hungry Ang, Timbre Facebook (3 and 4),  YelpTripAdvisor.