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All you need to know about Shine Festival 2015 in 2 minutes!

If you’re in Singapore, chances are, you’ve probably heard about Shine Festival happening tomorrow. Here’s what you need to know in just 2 minutes (or less)!

  1. Party away

Shine Festival a youth festival slash open street party and urban playground, hosted by the National Youth Council. This free 3-day event will feature both international and local celebrities, meet-and-greets, as well opportunities for participants to get involved in performances and competitions. More on these activities in a bit! But first, be prepared to…

  1. Ditch the car

Or at least, don’t expect to be able to drive along Orchard on Saturday (11 July)- it’ll be closed from 6 to 11pm. The area affected is the segment between Scotts Road and Bideford Road as well as the carriageway of Mount Elizabeth in the direction of Orchard Road.

For Friday and Sunday, it probably won’t be a good idea to drive either since there’ll be much competition for parking spaces as the festival will be ongoing.

Now, onto the highlights of the festival…

  1. Turn it up

A large part of this festival will be on music and dance. You’ll get to see the likes of Shigga Shay, Arden Cho, Charlie Lim and many more. Plus, you can sign up for the show choir competition too!

  1. Urban Sports

Marvel at freestyle football, slacklining, freerunning and more. Also, pick up a few tricks from Football Freestyle World Champion himself!

  1. Get Artsy

There’ll be a 3D art installation, an interactive tunnel, a graffiti competition with Shigga Shay, and more for the creative and artsy folks out there!

  1. Local Talent

Get to see 987 stars and djs, pick up a tip or two from them, and don’t forget to hang out with the Night Owl Cinematics crew!

Here’s an infographic of all of the activities and locations:

shine festival

For specific timings of competitions and activities, visit this link here: http://www.singaporestreetfestival.com/schedule.php

Have fun!

Image courtesy of: greatdeals.sg.

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Singapore’s Most Unique & Unusual Cafes

1. 1942 Alfresco @ Changi 


1A cafe, museum and bar all rolled into one, 1942 Alfresco is the place to go for history buffs and travellers who are curious about the country’s past, and 1942 was the very year Singapore fell to Japanese rule, hence the name. After exploring the artefacts and play fighting with the fake swords and guns, the war themed cafe serves up some amazing dishes for you to fill up on as well- from soups to salads to pasta, and not to mention, desserts!

Find our more about 1942 Alfresco here >>

2. Antoinette 



Quaint and classy, the design of Antoinette is centred around the theme of French royalty, with the cafe and restaurant named after the last French queen, Marie-Antoinette. Head over enjoy the desserts that are probably delicious enough to be served to royals themselves! These include French pancakes, macarons (of course!), and other desserts such as the Baked Alaska (above), which is a meringue with vanilla ice cream, almond nougatine and fruits. They’ve also got mains like steak, as well as a selection of aromatic teas.

Read more about Antoinette here >>

3. Kombi Rocks 



This Singapore cafe looks like a perfect place to film a drama or movie, and it’s no wonder why some locals have their wedding photos take there. Designed with a 60’s theme centred around Volkswagen cars, this is the place to be for lovers of anything vintage or retro! Besides the themed design, this diner and cafe offers a variety of Thai food, along with some refreshing iced coffee and other drinks to wash everything down.

Find out more about Kombi Rocks >>

4. The Little Prince Cafe 



As the name suggests, this cafe was inspired by the popular book The Little Prince, straight from the pages of the childhood novel. Step into this whimsical cafe and you’ll find yourself surrounded by hand-drawn prints around the walls, making up a black and white interior. Their menu offers a variety of items including savoury sandwiches and coffee, but the crowd favourites would have to be their ice cream and waffles. With interesting names like Pink Panther and Mango Kiss, the staff at the ice cream counter will gladly let you have samples to taste the myriad of ice cream flavours before you decide!

See more on The Little Prince Cafe >>

5. The Reading Room 



Be surrounded by books in the Reading Room. What seems like a grand library is actually a cafe by day and a bar by night. And unlike your experience in a library, you can have food and drinks while reading here, so book lovers, rejoice! Located along a stretch of bars and cafes, the Reading Room is a lovely hideout for bookworms to grab a cup of coffee and have a leisurely read. You don’t have to worry about food either- the cafe serves up a tasty brunch menu as well, so you can sit around and enjoy your book for hours on end.

Read more about the Reading Room >>

6. Rider’s Cafe 



When thinking of leisure activities in a concrete jungle like Singapore, horse-riding isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But at Rider’s Cafe, you can do just that. Plus, the cafe serves up a delicious menu for brunch so you can replenish your fuel after a horse-riding session. Tucked away in the Bukit Timah area within the Saddle Club, this place might take a bit to time to locate, but it’ll be worth it once you’re on a horse’s back enjoying the fresh air.

More details on Riders Cafe >>

7. Old School Delights 


21Go back to Singapore in the ’90s (or some say ’80s) in this cosy cafe, with its decor inspired by classrooms of the past. It even sells some of the typical, nostalgic snacks that school children back then loved. Try a few of those and then order some of the traditionally Singaporean drinks off the chalkboard, such as Bandung and Milo Dinosaur, which Singaporeans enjoy. If you’re feeling hungry, they also serve up local dishes like Laksa, Curry Chicken and Nasi Lemak, along with a variety of cakes. For those who want to immerse themselves in Singaporean culture and food, Old School Delights is as local as it gets- no other cafes can compare!

More details on Old School Delights >>

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Images courtesy of (from top to bottom) The Smart Local (1 & 2), Cafe Hopping, Pinky Piggu, Facebook, carrmenntann.comJennifer Teo Photography (7 & 8), Winterruby, Rubbisheatrubbishgrow, ThefoodjournalWisatasingapura.webBehance, Misstamchiak.com.

Where to Shop for the Best Local Accessories in Singapore

Shopping is one of Singapore’s national pastimes and it isn’t difficult to see why. As a crowded cosmopolitan city with no lack of consumers, brands are flocking to the nation-state to set-up shop. But for those who want to bring home something special, sidestep the commonly seen brands and seek out these uniquely Singaporean accessories designed by local designers!

See more about Singapore shopping >>


Carrie K


Featured in magazines like Simply Her and Women’s Weekly, Carrie K provides a variety of accessory designs from quirky statement pieces to elegant chic. And who says jewelry are for girls? The brand offers a range of items for guys as well, so have fun shopping with your significant other or simply with your friends. No more boring waiting while your girlfriend shops, guys!


View more details >>





Another brand that offers pieces for both genders, Depression is located the heart of Singapore’s shopping district. Those who love unusual accessories won’t want to miss this brand, which has a knack for avant-garde designs. Other than accessories, expect to find black and white clothing designs as well.

4View more details >>




Ling Wu Bags


Other than jewelry, bags are also an important accessory that can glam up your outfit. From elegant clutches to sophisticated and practical sling bags, Ling Wu’s extensive collection has got you covered, so seek the brand out and shop their high-quality pieces while you’re in Singapore!

View more details >>


Article by Amelia Ang.

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Images courtesy of (from top to bottom) Carrie RocksShop Depression (3 and 4), Ling Wu.

Make it Your Resolution to Visit One of These Top Destinations in Asia in 2015

Wondering where to head to in 2015? Our Travelog local experts have gathered their top eight South East Asian destinations to visit in the coming year to satisfy your wanderlust and travel needs.

1.  Singapore, Singapore
Hotel – Marina Bay Sands
Local Delicacy – Chili Crab
Attraction – Sentosa Island


Recently crowned as Lonely Planet’s top place to visit in 2015, Singapore has more to offer as they are celebrating their Golden Jubilee this year. Join in as they commemorate this memorable milestone and relish the food, shopping, culture and atmosphere.

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2.  Bali, Indonesia
Hotel – Ayana Resort and Spa Bali
Local Delicacy – Babi Guling (suckling pig)
Attraction – Seminyak

bali indonesia

Famous for its endless white beaches and bright blue seas & skies, Bali offers much more than meets the eye. Indulge in sumptuous seafood or wander around the many cultural Indonesian sites and check out what else Bali has to beyond the beaches and nightlife.

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3.  Penang, Malaysia
Hotel – Armenian Heritage Street Hotel
Local Delicacy – Char Kway Teow
Attraction – Batu Feringgi

penang malaysia

Penang has been gaining popularity over the past few years and for good reason – cheap accommodation, delicious food and famous street art. Don’t be the only fella at the party who hasn’t visited Penang, hurry to Malaysia in 2015 to enjoy the current buzz and excitement.

4.  Mount Everest, Nepal
Hotel – Hotel Everest View
Local Delicacy – Lechón
Attraction – Sagarmatha National Park

mount everest philippines

Want to strike off something crazy on your bucket list in 2015? Climbing Mount Everest has to be the most incredible feat you can achieve in the New Year.  Join a tour group (the cheaper option) or go on a solo adventure to scale the highest mountain.

5.  Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Hotel – Thai Garden Inn
Local Delicacy – Gang Keow Wan (Thai Green Curry)
Attraction – War Museum at the Bridge

kanchanaburi thailand

Kanchanaburi, situated in Northern Thailand, is famous for its amazing nature (we’re talking cool waterfalls and a diverse range of flora and fauna), historical attractions and tiger and elephant farms. Kanchanaburi has still got some way to go before it hits the tourist trail, so head there in 2015 to beat the crowds.

6.  Luang Prabang, Laos
Hotel – La Residence Phou Vao
Local Delicacy – Chicken Laap
Attraction – Wat Sen

Temple in Luang Prabang Royal Palace Museum, Laos

Lesser known that other Laos cities, Luang Prabang is one of SEA’s hidden wonders. Located just 300km north of Vientiane, Luang Prabang is filled with many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, mountains, cultural and historical buildings, artifacts and not to forget, scrumptious Laotian food.

7.  Siem Reap, Cambodia
Hotel – Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor
Local Delicacy – Green pawpaw salad
Attraction – Angkor Wat

angkor wat cambodia

Home to the popular Angkor Wat, Siem Reap is a popular resort town – a gateaway from the capital of Cambodia. Siem Reap reveals the true natural beauty of Cambodia with its untouched rural areas. However, prices here may be a little higher than the rest of Cambodia, so do take note of that.

8.  Ngwe Saung Beach, Myanmar
Hotel – Ocean Blue Beach Hotel
Local Delicacy – Shan-style ‘tofu’ noodles
Attraction – Rakhine Mountain Range

ngwe saung beach myanmar

We definitely have to include another beach destination to the list, especially with the harsh winters in many countries all around the world. Ngwe Saung Beach is a little known wonderland with pristine beaches and exotic food. It is definitely a viable alternative to touristy Bali.

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Images courtesy of (from top to bottom) USC Marshall School of Business,  iLove-IndonesiaOnly Penang, Explorers Web, Go PixPic, Luxury Travel, Intrepid Berkeley Explorer, Travel Myanmar.

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13 Travel Bloggers in Asia to Watch Out For in 2015

2015 is a new year so we’ve come up with a new list of travel bloggers who blog about Asia. For those of you looking to have your next holiday in Asia, these are the blogs you should be reading to get suggestions and recommendations on where to go, what to expect and even help on planning your itinerary, if you’re really stumped. Depending on what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find someone to inspire you on your next trip in our list for 2015!

1.  Live Less Ordinary

Live Less Ordinary

Quite the explorers, Allan and Fanfan have documented their lives and travels onto their very own blog. Allan, originally from Northern Ireland, has settled in Thailand and married a local girl, Fanfan. They haven’t chosen the life of an expat – going to expat bars, hanging out mostly with fellow expats – instead, they’ve immersed themselves thoroughly in the Thai culture. Their most recent adventures include relocating entirely to rural Thailand and figuring out their lives there. Each post comes with a healthy dose of humour and genuine excitement. They’ve become quite the Asia travel experts, so be sure to add them onto your must-read lists if you’re looking to travel to the continent!

Visit Live Less Ordinary >>

2.  Bowdy Wanders

Bowdy Wanders

Quite the coffee aficionado, Bowdy is a filipino born world traveller who seems to have a penchant for visiting cafes. So much so he has an entire section of his blog dedicated to them – what better way to discover a city’s culture than by soaking up the atmosphere while savouring a delicious coffee? He’s also quite the culture vulture, Bowdy explores each country with the intention of bringing across their very own unique cultures while peppering each post with tips and tricks on getting the best deal. Be sure to check his gorgeous photographs as well which certainly helps in the visualisation of each destination that he writes about.

Visit Bowdy Wanders >>

3.  One Travels Far

One Travels Far

Stacey Kuyf is no ordinary girl. Having quit her job at the age of 21 to pursue her dream of travelling, she’s made the world her oyster and moulded herself into quite the adventurer. Self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, she’s jumped off cliffs, rafted down rapid rivers and gone deep below the earth’s surface into the depths of the ocean. Her adventures inspire fellow adrenaline seekers to do the same while providing interesting thoughts on the different aspects of the Asian culture that she has experienced. Having been an au pair in America, backpacked across S.E.A and stayed in one of the most populated countries in the world – China, her blog teaches you how to stay alive while having the most fun in all sorts of situations no matter how far you travel.

Check out One Travels Far here >>

4.  Bangkok Girl

Bangkok Girl

Quite the expert on the hidden gems of Bangkok join Anna, a British expat, who has moved her life to the City of Angels. While she vacillates between the UK and Bangkok, she talks mostly about the latter – the best places to eat, quirky fun nights out and an honest and heartfelt account of what it’s really like living as an expat abroad. For those who are looking to relocate to Bangkok, her blog will prove one of the best guides you can have to give you a glimpse into what life might be like (especially for women).

Visit Bangkok Girl here >>

5.  Happy Asia

Happy Asia

Here’s another Bangkok dweller cum Southeast Asia explorer. Having recently moved to Bangkok from the UK for just half a year, Richard has been penning his adventures. From the shock of going from the cool climate of the United Kingdom to hot sweaty environment of Bangkok, being overwhelmed by the choices of food available and slowly but surely adapting to life in a foreign land, he brings his reader on his journey towards a new life. Each post is also peppered with humorous anecdotes which definitely left a smile on our faces!

Visit Happy Asia now >>

6.  The Blond Travels

The Blond TravelsFor female solo travellers, here’s another blogger to be inspired by! Jo (or The Blond, as she calls herself), recently made the decision to head to Thailand and start life anew there. Her posts are personal and very much about her self discovery in Thailand as a teacher, an expat and her as a person. With a good sense of humour she talks about her experiences with the change in culture and how she’s slowly adapting. For Polish readers out there, Jo is Polish and sometimes writes posts in her native language as well! Certainly an inspiration to many women out there trying to find themselves in a foreign land.

Check out The Blond Travels here >>

7.  12 Hour Difference


For those looking to experience Hong Kong, Aaron provides a rather humorous perspective on what it’s like for a foreigner living there. Culture shocks included, he writes about his misadventures and very interesting experiences even when just walking down a street. From eating a crab penis to getting hit by an old lady on the bus, he manages to transport his readers into his Hong Kong. For those who are interested in getting tips and tricks as a freelance writer, sign up with Aaron who has a whole section dedicated just to this alone!

8.  Adventures Around Asia

Adventures Around Asia

Richelle is a Seattle-born China-based adventurous young lady. While balancing her studies, she writes about her travels and can be considered somewhat of an expert on travelling in China. Giving tips and tricks on travelling on a budget and providing insight on the quirks of a different culture, her blog makes for an interesting and informative read especially to those looking to make China their next destination.

Visit Adventures Around Asia here >>

9.  Global Gallivanting

global gallivanting

Anna has been travelling since 2012 and has penned (or typed) her perspectives onto her inspiring blog. As a female solo traveller, she accords a whole section to travel tips for females looking to travel the world albeit on their own and also provides the quintessential tips for cost efficient travelling. Often bringing out the cultural aspect of a country, read as Anna takes on Asia (and Australia), providing a very human touch to each country she visits.

Check out Global Gallivanting today >>

10.  The Happy Passport

The Happy Passport

Having swapped her unfulfilling actress lifestyle for a ‘happier’ one, Rebekah exudes positivity and a sense of adventure through her travel blog. With a humorous take on travelling, each post is filled with adventure that goes beyond just seeing. She experiences the depth of each culture by making friends with the locals and really getting the best (and sometimes worst when it comes to some gastronomic experiences) out of each travel opportunity. As a solo female traveller, she gives aspiring ones to do the same by showing how travelling can be both exciting and safe.

Visit The Happy Passport now >>

11. HoneyTrek


Mike and Anne took a 675 day honeymoon across 33 countries and 6 continents, coming back as well seasoned travellers they offer their perspectives, as well as advice, on how to get the most out of your travels within your budget. From the most relaxing of holidays to the most adventurous, they’ve probably done it and shared their stories on their wonderful blog.

Check out HoneyTrek here >>

12.  Rambling Feet


A self declared ‘motorsport maniac’, Nicholas has been documenting his travels on his blog that tells us stories mainly from his hometown of Singapore but also is familiar with New Zealand and Europe. Consisting of interesting articles taking you on the path less travelled, you can also expect to read articles about his experiences in different motorsport events across the globe.

Visit Rambling Feet today >>

13.  My Chiang Mai Everything


Having relocated to Chiang Mai, Amy and her fiancée Andy, have pretty much become locals themselves. Providing a refreshing and genuine voice to life in Chiang Mai, each post will leave you with a smile as they write about an adventurous day out, a café they’ve found or even just a normal day in their life as English teachers in this part of Thailand that they’ve made their home.

Visit My Chiang Mai Everything today >>

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Where to See in 2015 in Singapore

If you’re welcoming the New Year 2015 in Singapore, here is a list of places to head to if you want to join in the celebrations:

1.  Marina Bay Countdown for New Year 2015

Marina Bay Countdown

Set against the city’s skyline, with live music performances and a huge fireworks display to cap off the night, this is THE place to be when ushering the New Year in Singapore. 25000 ‘wishing spheres’ will be set afloat in Marina Bay to form a giant number ‘50’ to commemorate Singapore’s 50th year of independence. If you’re already in Singapore, be sure to pen your wishes (it’s free!) at any one of the 31 wishing stations around the island. There will be video projections on the façade of The Fullerton Hotel and the Merlion and 400 drummers will be performing to the 8-minute firework display at night. Definitely a sight to behold for both friends and family!

For more information on the Marina Bay Countdown, click here >>

Click here to learn more about Marina Bay >>

2.  Dance in the Park – A Neon Countdown to 2015

Dance in the PArkBring on your neon as USS covers itself with LEDs and UV lights for the New Year! Going for a glow-in-the-dark theme, this will be an interesting event where you can dance along the boulevards of Hollywood and New York with your favourite characters and catch fascinating light shows. Fans of the Black Eyed Peas can catch the tribute act ‘Black Eyed Tease’ who is coming down all the way from Las Vegas to add some beats to the party as well! The park timings will be extended to 1am on 31st December so get your tickets early here for an online special of $61 (min 2 tickets) or $68 (single ticket purchase)!

Click here for more information on Universal Studios Singapore >>

3.  Marina Bay Sands – Sky High Social

Sky High Social

For those looking to party it up and we mean literally high up, book a spot at the Marina Bay Sands’ SkyPark Observation Deck. Toast to a new year under the stars as you get a perfect and unobstructed view of the city skyline as well as the fireworks display from the Marina Bay Countdown. Enjoy live performances, party packs and lots of photo opportunities. Tickets start from $172, which include a glass of champagne, and can be reserved here. Perfect for couples or group of friends who are looking for a lavish and memorable start to the year.

Click here for more information on Marina Bay Sands >>

5.  Siloso Beach Party

Siloso beach party

All the party people, this is where you should be headed for the New Year’s! From 6pm to 6am, there will be 12 hours of non-stop music, dance and partying. With a line-up of international DJs, 5 party zones and a giant foam pool, make the beach your dance floor this New Year’s! Come dressed in your beach’s best and go crazy till dawn breaks. For more information, click here.

This event has a minimum age entry of 18 years old.

For more information on Siloso Beach, click here >>

6. Tanjong Beach Club ‘Brand New Day’

Brand New DayIf partying for one night isn’t enough, head down to Tanjong Beach Club’s 2 days long New Year’s party. On 31 December, there will be a countdown party featuring one of the best resident DJs from London’s Ministry of Sound, DJ Jon White, who will be spinning beats from house to electro until dawn. Fire-twirlers, floating lanterns and loads of confetti can be expected as well adding to the celebratory atmosphere! On 1st January, the party continues with the Brand New Day Celebrations! Be sure to check out their Facebook page to look out for more updates.

Click here for more information on Tanjong Beach Club >>

Still not sure what to do when visiting Singapore this New Year’s? Check out Travelog for more useful, up-to-date information on things to do and places to visit in Singapore. Click here >> 

Images courtesy of (from top to bottom) Singapore 50, RWScoop, Marina Bay Sands, Expat Living, Lifestyle Asia.

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5 Ways to Get Into The Christmas Spirit in Singapore

The festive season is upon us all in sunny Singapore. While the notion of a white Christmas may be still far  away, Singaporeans are definitely getting into the Christmas spirit! Here’s a list of things to do if you’re visiting Singapore during this period

1.  Orchard Road

Orchard Road

Lights! Camera! Action!

That’s basically what you’ll be seeing when walking down Orchard Road during the Christmas season. Beautifully lit up at night, it’s practically a 2.2 kilometre light show that will leave you dazzled. The buildings light up one after the other as though participating in a pageant show, trying to outshine each other for the coveted Best Dressed Building Award.

Remember your camera because this will be one of the prettiest and liveliest sights you’ll catch in Singapore. Whether it’s a loved one posing with the Christmas decorations or a stranger being entertained by the street performances, many photo opportunities will behold on this stretch and it’s not something you’ll want to miss out on!

Lastly, action! The action comes in the form of street performers. From carol singing buskers to magic shows, a ‘carnival-esque’ air permeates and surrounds the street Allow the myriad of performances put a smile on your face as they entertain and enhance the joyous mood.

Learn more about Orchard Road here >>

2.  Feast Like a King at Raffles Hotel


Singaporeans are known to love their food and love their food they shall! Best part? You get to join in the fun! Chances are, if you head to any food outlet, you’re bound to find some kind of Christmas promotion. We could write a whole book if we were to list out all the Christmas dining options so here are just two of the many that we’ve heard are awesome places to eat at for Christmas!


The 5 star Raffles Hotel serves one of the grandest Christmas feasts consisting of roasted chestnut stuffed turkey, glazed Christmas ham, traditional chocolate log cake, gingerbread ice cream and an array of seafood, cold cuts and even a cheese selection. The festive lunch and dinner will take place from 13 to 23 December 2014 and costs $78++ per adult and $35++ per child for dinner. Take a look at their menu if you’re still unconvinced!

For a Peranakan twist to the Christmas feast, check out Violet Oon’s Kitchen where a buffet lunch spread will be available on the 25th of December. However, make sure you book early, as there are limited seats available.

For more information on Raffles Hotel, click here >>

3.  Experience Snow at Universal Studios Sentosa or Tanglin Mall

Pictures in the News: Singapore

Since 1996, Tanglin Mall has been granting Singaporeans their wish for a white Christmas. With artificial snow and a gorgeous Christmas set-up, both adults and kids will have guaranteed smiles on their faces. Light foam mimics the action of snowflakes, as they fall slowly down to the ground culminating in knee-deep foam (for the kids of course) to wade through.  Chances are your kids are bound to engage in some kind of ‘snow’ fight, so make sure you dress down and have loads of fun!

Another place to experience ‘snow’ would be at Universal Studios Sentosa .  Showcasing the biggest snowfall in Singapore, Universal Studios Singapore will be experiencing snowfall hourly every day! Not only will the park be decked out in Christmas tinsel and holly, its characters will be dressed up in Christmas wear to complement the festive mood. With a Christmas tree made entirely out of plush toys, a dancing Christmas lights display and a Christmas themed Sesame Street show titled ‘Sesame Street saves Christmas’, Universal Studios Singapore takes Christmas joy to a whole new level. End off the night with Christmas Fireworks display to add some sparkle and shine to the day. And to make sure your tummy doesn’t lose out on Christmas goodies, Santa’s Kitchen will be opened with a delectable Christmas dinner buffet served!

Click here for more information on Tanglin Mall >>

Find out more about Universal Studios Singapore >>

 4.  Attend a Christmas Service

Christmas Service

While we may all be in the rush of getting decorations up, ordering some turkey and wrapping gifts for your loved ones, Christmas isn’t necessarily all about that. For those who prefer to take this period to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, take a walk into one of the many lovely historic churches in Singapore and imbue yourself in the atmosphere.

St Andrew’s Cathedral will be holding a Christmas fair from 2pm on the 24th of December. There will be carolling, open-air performances and a Christmas trail around the grounds with life sized displays of the Nativity scene and Bethlehem.  Make sure to check out the Armenian Church, the oldest church in Singapore. The Anglican St George’s Church is popular among expats especially on Christmas Eve.  Most churches in Singapore would have Christmas services at midnight and Christmas pageants starting earlier.

 5.  Enjoy the Christmas Carols


What’s Christmas without some festive carols? Embrace the Christmas spirit with voices of angels (or humans with voices that sound like that of an angel’s).

Gardens by the Bay will not only be beautifully decorated but will feature carollers singing at the Casa Armonica every Friday, Saturday and Sunday all the way till 21 December 2014. There will be a two and half hour performance with a special line up of choirs from the different schools across the country.

Raffles Hotel will also be featuring carollers from the Victoria Junior College choir. While some of the performances are for hotel guests only, there will be others which are open to the public so be sure to catch those especially when you’re passing this historic building!

For those partying away in Clarke Quay, carollers will be cruising down the Singapore River in boats every Thursday to Saturday evening till 21 December 2014. Enjoy your drinks while listening to the carollers chime away.

Victoria Concert Hall will be treating their audiences to a free performance by the Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir to celebrate their re-opening. Listen to the cherubic voices of the children and even join in with an obligatory carol sing-a-long. Registration is required so make sure to book a ticket for admission if you’re looking to attend this event! Make a note for the 8th of December 2014 in your calendars for this one!

For those along the Orchard Road stretch, Tanglin Mall will be featuring the choirs of National University Singapore, Raffles Hall and Vocca Inc Productions who will be carolling on the evening of 20th December and the afternoon of 21st.

On the 24th, Tong Building Plaza will be inviting Celebrate Christmas in Singapore (a group dedicated to bringing the festive spirit into Singapore) for a mass carolling and sing-along session. For those who just want to soak in the festive atmosphere and sing your hearts out, head to this event!

Still looking for more inspiration for fun things to do in Singapore? At Travelog we’ve got loads of recommendations for fun things to do and places to visit on your next trip. Find out more here >>

Images courtesy of (from top to bottom) New Year’s Eve Blog, Raffles, Your SingaporeLA Times, Pop Culture Online.

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