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5 Hidden Cafes in Hong Kong with Great Coffee!

Common Ground

common ground


common grounds coffee

Tucked away amidst the busy roads of Shing Wong Street, this rustic cafe is a quiet spot to chill out while escaping the hustle and bustle outside. Once you’re at Shing Wong Street, find the stairway that runs from Caine Road to Hollywood Road and you’ll be able to spot this hidden gem.

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Mansons Lot

mansons lot

mansons lot coffee

Named after Sir Mansons, the first to import cattle to Hong Kong to provide fresh milk whom he felt was key to a good cup of coffee, you can expect fresh and delicious coffee concoctions at Mansons Lot. If you’re in Wan Chai, keep an eye out for this unassuming coffee shop along Swatow Street and hop in for a drink.

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Opendoor Cafe + Courtyard



opendoor coffee

Next to a high-capacity traffic route opposite Sun Yet Sen Memorial Park, you’ll discover this peaceful haven of a cafe where you can escape the busy roads. Plus, they have a book sharing concept where you can donate or borrow books while you’re there. What better way to spend a lazy afternoon than with a book and a cup of coffee, right?

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The Cupping Room

the cupping room


cupping room coffee

When there’s a two-time Hong Kong Barista Championship winner at the helm, you can be sure the coffee at this cafe will be exceptional, from their house blends to single origin espressos. The cosy wooden setting makes this a great spot to relax and hang out with friends as well.

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amical coffee

This is perhaps the most ‘hidden’ of all these coffee spots. Located above street level along the trendy Star Street Precinct, the only thing you can spot this cafe by is a small overhanging street sign. Other than great coffee, they also boast a variety of latte art (think cute animals and mustache faces) and a beautiful al-fresco balcony to chill out at.

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Themed Cafes in Seoul – Part 2

If you’re done exploring the Seoul cafes introduced in the previous Travelog article, here are some more unique themed cafes to visit while you’re in Seoul!

Address: Incheon-si, Yeonsu-gu, Songdo-dong 18-1
Closest Subway Station: Central Park Station (Line 1)


With the rise of Instagram, it seems everyone can be a photographer nowadays. For photography buffs and photographer wannabes, this is one cafe you’ll have to visit. The cafe is decorated with photographs on the wall and other knick-knacks on the shelves. P.S. if you bring along your own DSLR, they’ll let you have a go with their lenses too! After having fun taking pictures around the cafe, relax with a cup of coffee while picking out your favourite snaps of the day.

Thanks Nature Cafe

thanks nature cafe sheep

Cat cafes are cute and all, but for more novelty, why not visit this sheep cafe instead?This is probably the only cafe where sheep can be seen roaming around the cafe freely. Do note that the fluffy animals can only be seen during the cooler months of the year as the owner sends them back to the sheep ranch when it gets too warm, so be sure to plan your visit according to the season! Sheep aside, the cafe also offers well-loved sweet treats like waffles and ice-cream.

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Cafe Oz

cafe oz games.jpegReminisce about your childhood or just spend a lazy afternoon playing at this board games cafe. If you have no plans for the day or would like a break from exploring Seoul, this is a great place to be. Chill with your friends at Cafe Oz with a cup of coffee and tea, and play away. Be warned: time flies at Cafe Oz when you’re engrossed in your games!

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Hanbok Cafe
Address: 249-24, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul,South Korea
Closest Subway Station: Dongdaemun History Culture Park subway station


Envision yourself as an actress in a Korean historical drama in this cafe. With beautifully coloured hanboks, the traditional Korean dress for women, have fun choosing your hanbok and getting dolled up. The cafe has many backdrops that depict the Korea of the past, providing many photo locations for you to snap a picture!

Princess Diary Cafe

Here’s another one for the girls- those who dream of being a princess would love this cafe. Live your dream and be a princess for a day at Princess Diary, where racks of dresses and shoes await you. From the interior to the dresses to the drinks, everything is pretty in this cafe! This is where playing dress up is completely acceptable for grown women, so rent a gown, spend time taking pictures and feel pampered like the princess you are.

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Images courtesy of (from top to bottom) jhtn38.blog.me, Thanks Nature Cafe Facebook,  Aclipse, 5 Flower, blog.naver.com.

Singapore’s Most Unique & Unusual Cafes

1. 1942 Alfresco @ Changi 


1A cafe, museum and bar all rolled into one, 1942 Alfresco is the place to go for history buffs and travellers who are curious about the country’s past, and 1942 was the very year Singapore fell to Japanese rule, hence the name. After exploring the artefacts and play fighting with the fake swords and guns, the war themed cafe serves up some amazing dishes for you to fill up on as well- from soups to salads to pasta, and not to mention, desserts!

Find our more about 1942 Alfresco here >>

2. Antoinette 



Quaint and classy, the design of Antoinette is centred around the theme of French royalty, with the cafe and restaurant named after the last French queen, Marie-Antoinette. Head over enjoy the desserts that are probably delicious enough to be served to royals themselves! These include French pancakes, macarons (of course!), and other desserts such as the Baked Alaska (above), which is a meringue with vanilla ice cream, almond nougatine and fruits. They’ve also got mains like steak, as well as a selection of aromatic teas.

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3. Kombi Rocks 



This Singapore cafe looks like a perfect place to film a drama or movie, and it’s no wonder why some locals have their wedding photos take there. Designed with a 60’s theme centred around Volkswagen cars, this is the place to be for lovers of anything vintage or retro! Besides the themed design, this diner and cafe offers a variety of Thai food, along with some refreshing iced coffee and other drinks to wash everything down.

Find out more about Kombi Rocks >>

4. The Little Prince Cafe 



As the name suggests, this cafe was inspired by the popular book The Little Prince, straight from the pages of the childhood novel. Step into this whimsical cafe and you’ll find yourself surrounded by hand-drawn prints around the walls, making up a black and white interior. Their menu offers a variety of items including savoury sandwiches and coffee, but the crowd favourites would have to be their ice cream and waffles. With interesting names like Pink Panther and Mango Kiss, the staff at the ice cream counter will gladly let you have samples to taste the myriad of ice cream flavours before you decide!

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5. The Reading Room 



Be surrounded by books in the Reading Room. What seems like a grand library is actually a cafe by day and a bar by night. And unlike your experience in a library, you can have food and drinks while reading here, so book lovers, rejoice! Located along a stretch of bars and cafes, the Reading Room is a lovely hideout for bookworms to grab a cup of coffee and have a leisurely read. You don’t have to worry about food either- the cafe serves up a tasty brunch menu as well, so you can sit around and enjoy your book for hours on end.

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6. Rider’s Cafe 



When thinking of leisure activities in a concrete jungle like Singapore, horse-riding isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But at Rider’s Cafe, you can do just that. Plus, the cafe serves up a delicious menu for brunch so you can replenish your fuel after a horse-riding session. Tucked away in the Bukit Timah area within the Saddle Club, this place might take a bit to time to locate, but it’ll be worth it once you’re on a horse’s back enjoying the fresh air.

More details on Riders Cafe >>

7. Old School Delights 


21Go back to Singapore in the ’90s (or some say ’80s) in this cosy cafe, with its decor inspired by classrooms of the past. It even sells some of the typical, nostalgic snacks that school children back then loved. Try a few of those and then order some of the traditionally Singaporean drinks off the chalkboard, such as Bandung and Milo Dinosaur, which Singaporeans enjoy. If you’re feeling hungry, they also serve up local dishes like Laksa, Curry Chicken and Nasi Lemak, along with a variety of cakes. For those who want to immerse themselves in Singaporean culture and food, Old School Delights is as local as it gets- no other cafes can compare!

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4 Bars You Should Visit if You Want to Drink Like a Local in Chiang Mai

There are a lot of bars in Chiang Mai. In fact one would need to spend all of his life to visit them all. In the city centre all of them are targeted at tourists, where backpackers mix with the expat crowd. There you will also encounter sex-pats with their ladyboys and young Thai wives. But, Chiang Mai has also places, which are frequented mostly by Thais. Some of them are hidden in small streets, away from the tourists areas, and are hard to find if you are here only for a few days. However, there are a couple of places that are easily accessible, have wonderful atmosphere, and yet are omitted by those visiting the city. Here are 4 of them.

1.  Sudsanan

Location: Sukhaphiban 9, off Hauy Kaw Road

You would never think that the dirt road, full of holes, can lead to one of the nicest bars in Chiang Mai. It is hidden away, but once you get there you will come back again and again.


This wooden hut has a chilled out atmosphere and is popular among locals of all ages. They have a live band playing almost every night, but the music is very acoustic and not loud, so you can easily have a conversation without shouting over each other.

They also serve Thai food, which is tasty and not pricey at all – around 60-90 Baht per dish. During the weekend they have an outside barbecue.

2.  Seven Pounds

Location: Te Wan Road

This is one of my favourite bars. It is a tiny place, with a garden at the back, all decorated with random objects. There is a bath tub in the corner, where they used to grow flowers, and now it is left with growing weeds and empty bottles of wine sticking out of it. There is a dentist chair, old telephones and TVs, and really cool ancient chandeliers. This is a place, which a hipster would love.


The bar is very quiet during the week. They have a live band during the weekend, which starts playing at around 9pm. The music here is mostly rock and it is much louder than in Sudsanan. Come here if you enjoy a glass of beer and some noisy music .


3.  Kamrai Shop

Location: Nimmenhamida Road, it is on your right if you come from Maya Shopping Centre

It is not really a bar, but an alcohol shop, where people come to meet with friends over a drink. The great thing about this place is that it is not only in a great location, but also offers alcohol at retail prices.

I would say that the owners try to attract the ‘middle class’ customers, so they do not sell cheap Thai whiskey. All you can get here is beer, wine, vodka and a good selection of rum and imported whiskeys.


You can buy the alcohol to take away with you, or you can ask for a glass and drink it at one of the tables outside.

The shop doesn’t have a kitchen, but you can order food here and they will deliver it to you from the nearby restaurant.

The bar is noisy and lively, but there is no music playing. It is ideal for a drink before a night out.

 4.  The Bus Bar

Location: 11 Kampagdin Road, Across from Imperial Mae Ping Hotel

Looking for a place for a romantic date? Or maybe you would like to have a nice, quiet drink in a place, overlooking the Ping River? Look no further! Bus Bar is a place you are looking for!

It is a cool spot for many reasons. First of all, it really IS a bus bar. They sell drinks out of a double dekker bus, which you can also climb and spend the evening there, if you like. Second reason is the location – it is just by the river and next to an iron bridge (during the night you will see some young Thai couples making out, away from their relatives’ prying eyes) and the views and the atmosphere are quite romantic.

They sometimes have a singer, who usually sings some rock ballads, and if he is not there then they play all the classic rock and pop songs.


On Wednesdays you can come here for the Couchsurfing meet up. It starts around 7pm.

Learn more about Chiang Mai >>

Article & images contributed by Joanna Szreder, theblondtravels.com

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13 Travel Bloggers in Asia to Watch Out For in 2015

2015 is a new year so we’ve come up with a new list of travel bloggers who blog about Asia. For those of you looking to have your next holiday in Asia, these are the blogs you should be reading to get suggestions and recommendations on where to go, what to expect and even help on planning your itinerary, if you’re really stumped. Depending on what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find someone to inspire you on your next trip in our list for 2015!

1.  Live Less Ordinary

Live Less Ordinary

Quite the explorers, Allan and Fanfan have documented their lives and travels onto their very own blog. Allan, originally from Northern Ireland, has settled in Thailand and married a local girl, Fanfan. They haven’t chosen the life of an expat – going to expat bars, hanging out mostly with fellow expats – instead, they’ve immersed themselves thoroughly in the Thai culture. Their most recent adventures include relocating entirely to rural Thailand and figuring out their lives there. Each post comes with a healthy dose of humour and genuine excitement. They’ve become quite the Asia travel experts, so be sure to add them onto your must-read lists if you’re looking to travel to the continent!

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2.  Bowdy Wanders

Bowdy Wanders

Quite the coffee aficionado, Bowdy is a filipino born world traveller who seems to have a penchant for visiting cafes. So much so he has an entire section of his blog dedicated to them – what better way to discover a city’s culture than by soaking up the atmosphere while savouring a delicious coffee? He’s also quite the culture vulture, Bowdy explores each country with the intention of bringing across their very own unique cultures while peppering each post with tips and tricks on getting the best deal. Be sure to check his gorgeous photographs as well which certainly helps in the visualisation of each destination that he writes about.

Visit Bowdy Wanders >>

3.  One Travels Far

One Travels Far

Stacey Kuyf is no ordinary girl. Having quit her job at the age of 21 to pursue her dream of travelling, she’s made the world her oyster and moulded herself into quite the adventurer. Self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, she’s jumped off cliffs, rafted down rapid rivers and gone deep below the earth’s surface into the depths of the ocean. Her adventures inspire fellow adrenaline seekers to do the same while providing interesting thoughts on the different aspects of the Asian culture that she has experienced. Having been an au pair in America, backpacked across S.E.A and stayed in one of the most populated countries in the world – China, her blog teaches you how to stay alive while having the most fun in all sorts of situations no matter how far you travel.

Check out One Travels Far here >>

4.  Bangkok Girl

Bangkok Girl

Quite the expert on the hidden gems of Bangkok join Anna, a British expat, who has moved her life to the City of Angels. While she vacillates between the UK and Bangkok, she talks mostly about the latter – the best places to eat, quirky fun nights out and an honest and heartfelt account of what it’s really like living as an expat abroad. For those who are looking to relocate to Bangkok, her blog will prove one of the best guides you can have to give you a glimpse into what life might be like (especially for women).

Visit Bangkok Girl here >>

5.  Happy Asia

Happy Asia

Here’s another Bangkok dweller cum Southeast Asia explorer. Having recently moved to Bangkok from the UK for just half a year, Richard has been penning his adventures. From the shock of going from the cool climate of the United Kingdom to hot sweaty environment of Bangkok, being overwhelmed by the choices of food available and slowly but surely adapting to life in a foreign land, he brings his reader on his journey towards a new life. Each post is also peppered with humorous anecdotes which definitely left a smile on our faces!

Visit Happy Asia now >>

6.  The Blond Travels

The Blond TravelsFor female solo travellers, here’s another blogger to be inspired by! Jo (or The Blond, as she calls herself), recently made the decision to head to Thailand and start life anew there. Her posts are personal and very much about her self discovery in Thailand as a teacher, an expat and her as a person. With a good sense of humour she talks about her experiences with the change in culture and how she’s slowly adapting. For Polish readers out there, Jo is Polish and sometimes writes posts in her native language as well! Certainly an inspiration to many women out there trying to find themselves in a foreign land.

Check out The Blond Travels here >>

7.  12 Hour Difference


For those looking to experience Hong Kong, Aaron provides a rather humorous perspective on what it’s like for a foreigner living there. Culture shocks included, he writes about his misadventures and very interesting experiences even when just walking down a street. From eating a crab penis to getting hit by an old lady on the bus, he manages to transport his readers into his Hong Kong. For those who are interested in getting tips and tricks as a freelance writer, sign up with Aaron who has a whole section dedicated just to this alone!

8.  Adventures Around Asia

Adventures Around Asia

Richelle is a Seattle-born China-based adventurous young lady. While balancing her studies, she writes about her travels and can be considered somewhat of an expert on travelling in China. Giving tips and tricks on travelling on a budget and providing insight on the quirks of a different culture, her blog makes for an interesting and informative read especially to those looking to make China their next destination.

Visit Adventures Around Asia here >>

9.  Global Gallivanting

global gallivanting

Anna has been travelling since 2012 and has penned (or typed) her perspectives onto her inspiring blog. As a female solo traveller, she accords a whole section to travel tips for females looking to travel the world albeit on their own and also provides the quintessential tips for cost efficient travelling. Often bringing out the cultural aspect of a country, read as Anna takes on Asia (and Australia), providing a very human touch to each country she visits.

Check out Global Gallivanting today >>

10.  The Happy Passport

The Happy Passport

Having swapped her unfulfilling actress lifestyle for a ‘happier’ one, Rebekah exudes positivity and a sense of adventure through her travel blog. With a humorous take on travelling, each post is filled with adventure that goes beyond just seeing. She experiences the depth of each culture by making friends with the locals and really getting the best (and sometimes worst when it comes to some gastronomic experiences) out of each travel opportunity. As a solo female traveller, she gives aspiring ones to do the same by showing how travelling can be both exciting and safe.

Visit The Happy Passport now >>

11. HoneyTrek


Mike and Anne took a 675 day honeymoon across 33 countries and 6 continents, coming back as well seasoned travellers they offer their perspectives, as well as advice, on how to get the most out of your travels within your budget. From the most relaxing of holidays to the most adventurous, they’ve probably done it and shared their stories on their wonderful blog.

Check out HoneyTrek here >>

12.  Rambling Feet


A self declared ‘motorsport maniac’, Nicholas has been documenting his travels on his blog that tells us stories mainly from his hometown of Singapore but also is familiar with New Zealand and Europe. Consisting of interesting articles taking you on the path less travelled, you can also expect to read articles about his experiences in different motorsport events across the globe.

Visit Rambling Feet today >>

13.  My Chiang Mai Everything


Having relocated to Chiang Mai, Amy and her fiancée Andy, have pretty much become locals themselves. Providing a refreshing and genuine voice to life in Chiang Mai, each post will leave you with a smile as they write about an adventurous day out, a café they’ve found or even just a normal day in their life as English teachers in this part of Thailand that they’ve made their home.

Visit My Chiang Mai Everything today >>

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Think You’ve Seen it All? Check Out These Unique Cafes in Tokyo

1.  Butler’s Café
Location: Shibuya

Butler's Cafe

Maid Cafes are taking over Japan by storm, but what about a Butler café? The first observation you will make upon entering this café, is that it’s service staff is made up foreign men from Western countries who will speak to you entirely in English and call you ‘princess’. The whole reason being that this café was founded for Japanese women to practise their English. Staying true to their character, they serve customers with the professionalism and efficiency as a real butler would (complete with ringing of a bell, should you require service). The price to pay for such service is of course steep, with prices from 850 to 2200 Yen, but the food served is tasty and it’s one of those experiences you’d only find in Japan.

2.  Planetarium STARRY Café
Location: Haneda Airport Tokyo
With beautiful 360 degree projection of constellations, the Planetarium STARRY Café is sure to leave you amazed. Have your coffee under the stars but sheltered from the elements. By request, the screens above are also able to project educational videos, or short animations. The planetarium screens different shows throughout the week so every visit will be a new experience. This café serves a hodgepodge of food from snacks such as popcorn, hotdogs to salad, pasta and they even have a bar which opens after 5.30pm. This is a top dating spot for the locals with its intimate and romantic setting in a city where its street lights tend to outshine the natural stars.

3.  Calbee Plus Café
Location: Harajuku

Calbee +Calbee is one of Japan’s most reknowned snack makers, more importantly for their crisps and chips. The Calbee Plus Café allows patrons to enjoy a variety of Calbee snacks which are not available on supermarket shelves, such as chocolate covered Calbee crisps. Those who are fans of the calbee snacks, can get them made fresh on the spot. While queuing up for your bowl of piping hot potato crisps, you can watch the makers in their craft as they peel, fry and dry the potato slices. Whether it be salty or sweet, Calbee Plus Café has it on its menu and it’s definitely an experience for those looking to try a freshly made Japanese snack.

 4.  Ninja Akasaka
Location: Chiyoda

Ninja Akasaka

This ninja themed eatery is more of a restaurant than a café. However due to it’s unique theme, we’re including it in the list. As you enter the restaurant, you’ll be lead through some tunnels and a bridges, by a ninja, before you are led to your private room. You’re told to find the ‘hidden’ button to call for service when you’ve decided what to order. Halfway through your meal, the Master Ninja will pay a visit to your room and perform a couple of tricks which will definintely enthrall and intrigue you. However be warned that the food here isn’t cheap and dinner usually comes in the form of set menus with about 7 courses. However, it is an interesting dining experience for both families and friends.

5. N3331 Café
Location: Chiyoda

N3331 cafeLocated on the platform between two railways, sits a quaint little café which serves light snacks and drinks. The N3331 Cafe might be in a rather small and intimate setting, but it is great for people watching with it’s ceiling to window glass providing a 360 view of the trains and its passengers flanking either sides. This café may not be for everyone, especially if you’re not into the chugging and chooing of a train every now and then but it does provide a rather different experience. If you have an afternoon to spare and trains are your thing, this café would definitely pique your interest. This café is willing to rent it out it’s space and host wedding parties too, perfect for the train enthusiasts.

6.  Sakuragaoka Café
Location: Shibuya

Sakuragaoka Café

When someone tells you to visit the ‘Goat café’ in Tokyo, they aren’t referring to the name of the café but instead the pair of goats which reside outside. Sakuragoaka Café should be visited not just for of its unoffical mascots but the interior oozes a laid back chill vibe with eclectic furnishing. The café serves a variety of western food from pizza to pasta within a low price range of 500 to 1200 Yen. also has a western style bar which is opened until the early morning. This place is a great place to hang and chill out with friends over lunch or a drink and the two goats will definitely be a talking point.

Find more information on things to do in Tokyo, visit Travelog.

Images courtesy of (from top to bottom) Hir@gana Times, Pinterest, Tokyo Belly, Time Out Tokyo, TokyoingTexan in Tokyo.

Eight Themed Cafes in Seoul You Have to Visit

1.  Cat Attic
Location: Hongdae
Cat Attic (Hongdae)

Feline fanatics, this will be your haven. Cat Attic has a few branches across South Korea, each housing about 20 cats. This place doubles up as a cafe so you go in, order a drink then mingle with the cats for as long as you like! While there are specific rules such as not waking a cat up (and cat’s do love to nap), if you’re lucky enough the occasional cat will hop into your lap and remain there till something else takes it’s fancy. The variety of cats from beautiful Persians to unique Sphynxs to the more common Tom Cats should be enough reason for you to visit this cat café! Observe them climb everything possible (including the coffee machines), hop into boxes or snuggle with each other! It’s definitely recommended that you come here if you’re a fan of the cats but not so much if you’re looking for a good coffee.

2.  Bau House Puppy Café
Location: Hongdae
Bau House Puppy café  (Hongdae)

Just like the cat café, this dog café works the same way – just with dogs. You buy a drink then seat yourself down as you mingle with the dogs. There are about twenty resident dogs varying in size, colour and breed all of which are vying for attention. Be prepared for even the biggest of dogs, which will attempt to hop onto your seat (and inadvertently onto your lap) as they sniff out their latest visitor. You will be given a list of the names of the dogs so that you can familiarise yourself with them and for a small fee, you can purchase dog treats which will definitely make you the centre of attraction. For all dog lovers out there who wished you had a dog but can’t accommodate one, this dog café will definitely be the place you should visit to satisfy your pet wants.

3.  Hello Kitty Café
Location: Hongdae
Hello Kitty Café (Hongdae)

Here’s another cat café but for the world renowned Hello Kitty. You’ll be able to spot the café from a mile with its brightly painted walls in its signature pink. And if that doesn’t get your attention, look out for Hello Kitty’s (not so little) pink bow situated on the walls of the café’s exterior. Step inside and you will receive a warm welcome into Hello Kitty’s world. The interior is furnished with pretty much anything and everything white, pink and ‘Hello Kitty’. Even the food and latte art comes in the shape of the iconic cat. It’s definitely an interesting café to visit and will delight any Hello Kitty fan but come here with the expectation of a novelty trip and not looking for good food.

4.  I’m Camper Cafe
Location: Hongdae
I’m Camper Cafe (Hongdae)

Outdoor enthusiasts would love this café, especially in the winter. Recreating the environment of camping grounds, this café has tents pitched up in the café itself and customers can barbeque their food using utensils that one would use when camping. The best part is enjoying the full experience without having to be exposed to the elements at a fraction of the cost, since you won’t have to bring your own tent or cooking utensils. Complete with picnic tables and camping chairs, this would be an interesting experience for a family or group of friends! Perhaps even for someone not so enthusiastic about the outdoors, this culinary experience would take to your fancy – after all you aren’t exposed to the elements nor do you have to climb or walk up a mountain just to get your food.

5.  Victorian Era Café

Victorian Era Café
Furnished with lush furniture, heavy drapes and laced lamps all in the setting of a warm glow; this café is themed in the Victorian era. Be transported into the world where women were dressed in hooped skirt frames covered with heavy fabrics, corsets and lace and the men in top hats, coats and vests. The Victorian era boasts a sense of posh luxury that is quite evident in this café and perhaps in the prices of its drinks as well. From glassy chandeliers to gold-framed mirrors, one will truly feel like a princess or prince in this café whose name when loosely translated to English means ‘Palace-like Café where a Princess lives’. However, as with all other themed cafés in Seoul, it is best to come here for the experience instead of the food.

6.  Velo Bike Café
Location: Bundae
Velo Bike Café (Bundae)

Park your bikes, grab a coffee and spend a couple of hours chit chatting with some friends. This café serves up coffee and food to cyclists who are looking for a rest stop but doubles up as a bike rental station as well. For cyclists who are facing some issues with their bikes, the bike café provides repair services and while your bike is being fixed, you can pop into the café, grab a bite or coffee while you wait. Definitely a convenient one stop centre for all things bike related and who knows, you just might meet your new bicycling buddies at this café!

7.  Café Blue Fairy
Location: Hongdae
Café Blue Fairy (Hongdae)
Big round eyes, porcelain faces and slender bodies. We aren’t referring to the waitresses at this café (even though there could be one or two who look like that) but instead we’re talking about the ball-jointed dolls that this café is all about. As you step in, you will see groups of girls gathered around a table quietly playing with the dolls that are intricately crafted to a perfection that is appreciated by some. While there are those who may find this behaviour rather creepy (it’s not often you see grown women playing with dolls), it is also unique and intriguing. Order your drink and take a seat. If you don’t choose your doll, the owner will very nicely recommend a doll for you to play with (or to keep you company as it sits against the table and watches you). This café is certainly not for everyone, especially not those who recently watched ‘Chuckie’. It is however still a recommended experience for those interested in these unique dolls, which are a step away from the world of ‘Barbie’.

8.  Raintree Café
Location: Edae
Raintree Café (Travel theme) (Edae)

An escape from being in Korea itself, the Raintree café has a travel theme going on as it is furnished with an eclectic mix of tables, chairs, photographs and colour but ultimately coming together to provide a cosy atmosphere. Maps of the world are on the tables and walls for customers to take a look and perhaps plan a potential world trip. Customers can also look through the owner’s albums, which contain photographs of their worldly endeavours. Even the food is categorized according to the country it originated – a variety of food from ‘lassi’ to pancakes are served and with quality too. The owners hope for the café to be an escape from reality, from everyday life and perhaps you would be inspired to plan your next adventure.

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Images (from top to bottom) courtesy of Koreabridge, From KD to Kimchi, Blogspot, Pinimg, Sohzhauwan, Tolic, Tumblr, Tumblr.