The Adrenaline Junkies Complete Guide to Hong Kong

If you love the sudden burst of energy that hits you during an adrenaline rush, here’s a list of things that you MUST do when you go to Hong Kong. A country known for its shopping and food, once you have completed this list, you will never look at Hong Kong in the same way. You will shiver at the thought of your adventures but vow to come back and experience it all over again.


1.  Tat tak school

Plagued by numerous haunted tales, the abandoned Tat Tak School is known as one of the most haunted location in the city. A ghost was once seen squatting where the gym of this deserted school used to stand, and a lady in red has been spotted through the windows – rumored to be a teacher who committed suicide in the school toilets. Strange graffiti, metal cells and hollow books are other things that can be found on these haunted grounds. Even locals and cabbies refuse to drive past this school.  If you dare to enter and explore, you are a true adrenaline junkie but beware, you might not like what you find.

Opening time: Open all day and night
Location: Yuen Long Tat Tak School, Ping Shan
Cost: Free


2.  Freeing HK

Freeing Hong Kong is a real life escape game where you have a mere 45 minutes to work out the clues given to escape from a locked room. Every room has a different theme – we suggest the Prison Break room in order to truly experience the horror of being locked away from civilization. Still doesn’t sound scary enough? You’ll be playing blindfolded, handcuffed and locked in a dark room. Even if this ended up being too easy for you, it sure is immense fun that cannot be missed.

Opening time: 12:00 – 00:00
Location: Various outlets at Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Tseun Wan, Yuen Long, Macau, Freeing Robot City and Causeway Bay
Cost: HKD $98/person, Sat/Sun/Public Holidays HKD128/person


3.  Ocean Park

Here’s something that won’t scare you in a creepy, haunted way, but the rides in Ocean Park will thrill you to no end will keep you queuing up for more. Unlike its competitor (Disneyland Hong Kong), Ocean Park is a true heaven for the adrenaline junkie who loves to plunge into the air suddenly or turn round and round on a rollercoaster. However Ocean Park is not just about its hair-raising rides, it’s a wonderful place for families with animal shows and other child-friendly rides, so there’s something for everyone.

Opening time: 10:00 – 22:00
Location: Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan in the Southern District of Hong Kong
Cost: HKD320 for adults, HKD160 for children aged 3-11


4.  High street haunted house

Here’s another haunted place to get your heart racing. The High Street Haunted House, locally known as the Sai Ying Pun Community Complex was originally built for European nurses in the 1800s. During the Second World War, it was seized by enemy troops and used as an execution hall where prisoners were tortured and killed. It has since been badly scarred by two fires.  It has been said that headless ghosts were spotted running down the corridors in the silent night. We do not suggest going to both the Tat Tak School and the High Street Haunted House in the same day, but if you want to push your limits and test how strong your heart is, proceed and hopefully live to tell the tale.

Opening time: Open all day and night
Location: 2 High Street, Sai Ying Pun
Cost: Free


5.  World’s highest bungee jump

While Macau is not exactly in Hong Kong, we couldn’t resist putting this on the list. Just a one hour ferry ride away, Macau boasts the world’s highest bungee jump at the Macau Tower. Free-falling from a height of 223m high, adrenaline-junkies will experience a 4-5 second death fall at speeds of up to 200km/h. If jumping down the equivalent of a 70-storey office building doesn’t give you a heart attack, the hefty price of doing so (HKD 2888) might. Do give it a shot though, how often can you brag about jumping down a building and living to tell the tale?

Opening time: 11:00 – 19:00
Location: Level 61, Observation Deck Macau Tower
Cost: HKD $2888

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Images (from top to bottom) courtesy of CNN Travel (1 and 4),, Ocean Park,

The Eight Cheapest Holiday Destinations in Asia for the Budget Traveler

Travelling can be an expensive affair and here at Travelog, we understand the need to travel despite having an almost-empty wallet. Here are eight cheapest holiday destinations in Asia that are dirt cheap that will startle you (in a good way) every time you look at the price tag. Despite the cheap prices, the quality of your travel would definitely not be compromised. We hope these recommendations would satisfy your travel lust without burning a hole in your pocket.


1. Thailand

With Bangkok being the most visited city in 2013, there is no reason not to visit this amazing city that has enthralled many others. However, other than its famed capital city, Thailand has so much more to offer. From the warm and beautiful white beaches in Phuket and Koh Samui to the fabulous scenery in the North, there are numerous adventures hiding in every corner of this breath-taking country. If you are on a tight budget, head straight to northern Thailand where prices become ridiculously cheap. Not only is the north less touristy, the views there are simply magnificent. Remember not to overspend in restaurants, instead head out to the streets and enjoy the excellent local street food that costs almost nothing.

Average cost in Bangkok, Thailand:
Hostel:  VX the fifty – 250 baht/night
Food: 150 baht
Transportation: 40 baht
Attractions: 200 baht
Daily expense:  640 baht = S$25.60/day


2.  Vietnam

Blessed with immaculate beaches, graceful boulevards, majestic mountains, thriving markets and not to forget, the flavorful and outstanding Vietnamese cuisine, Vietnam is the cherry on top of the cake. Like Thailand, the country offers dirt cheap accommodation, inexpensive transport, mouth-watering street food and possibly the cheapest beer in the world. Take some time out of your busy schedule to visit the thousands of stunning limestone islands at Halong Bay, wander around the grand architecture in Hoi An or just simply unwind and let your hair down in Sapa, a beautiful tribal village with beautiful, verdant mountains. A cultural smorgasbord, Vietnam would definitely not disappoint the budget traveller.

Average cost in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam:
Hostel: My My Arthouse – 118,820 dong/night
Food: 160,000 dong
Transportation: 30,000 dong
Attractions: 30,000 dong
Daily expense: 338,820 dong = S$20.20/day


3.  Indonesia

Leap away from the country’s main tourist destination and spend your pennies in Ubud, Lombok or Sumatra instead. We know that it’s tough avoiding Bali because of the hype surrounding it, but just give the other parts of Indonesia a chance and you’ll realise how much more wonderful Indonesia is when you aren’t spending half the time reaching into your wallet or swiping your card. Be adventurous and travel through the more authentic regions of Indonesia that is still blessed with local prices due to the absence of tourism.  Hike around the world’s largest archipelago, including the volcanic Lake Toba and breathtaking Mt. Bormo and experience the true Indonesia without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket.

Average cost in Jakarta, Indonesia:
Hostel: Hunny Hostel Jakarta – 116,300 rupiah/night
Food: 100,000 rupiah
Transportation: 10,000 rupiah
Attractions: 15,000 rupiah
Daily expense: 241,300 rupiah = S$25.68/day


4.  Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a hidden gem. Filled with endless beaches, fun festivals, colonial architecture and welcoming locals, this often forgotten country boasts 2000+ years of culture. With eight UNESCO Heritage Sites scattered around the country, Sri Lanka is a small haven for the history and architecture lover.  Head to Kandy in August to participate in the local Tooth Festival where for a week, the Hindu parties spill into the main parade with their gorgeous decorated elephants. Bask in the festive atmosphere all for the price of – nothing. The festival is just one out of many free amazing experiences that you can have in this little wonderland. Quickly head down to Sri Lanka before the crowd spills in and enjoy the natural state of the country.

Average cost in Colombo, Sri Lanka:
Hostel: Adikaram Sea View Hostel – 1,200 rupee/night
Food: 800 rupee
Transportation: 120 rupee
Attractions: 250 rupee
Daily expense: 2,370 rupee = S$22.90/day


5. Cambodia

Home to the world’s cheapest hostel beds, Cambodia is not only one of the more affordable travel destinations in Asia, it is also a country that has something for everyone. While most people head to Cambodia for the temples of Angkor Wat, you can avoid the crowd and head to the stunning tropical beaches of Sihanouksvile or explore the Cardamom Mountains for jungle trekking and waterfalls.  The greatest part of Cambodia would be the haggling. Be prepared to haggle away for simply everything that you want to buy there. Most shop owners welcome haggling and even mark the prices up (even though the marked prices are already amazingly cheap) so they can give you a ‘discount’ upon haggling. Never buy anything at its original price but don’t go overboard either.

Average cost in Siem Reap, Cambodia:
Hostel: Advisor Anchor Villa Siem Reap – 3.92 USD/night
Food: 6 USD
Transportation: 2 USD
Attractions: 10 USD
Daily expense: 21.92 USD = S$27.68


6.  Philippines

Fondly called ‘Pearl of the Orient’, Philippines is a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, grand nature and colonial cities. It is one of the most popular Asian countries due to its long, luscious beaches, mysterious underground caves and the wide diversity of adventures and fun around its seven thousand islands. Increasingly modernized, one can not only find UNESCO world heritage sites or beautiful old churches in Philippines, there are also tons of malls and shopping areas around. Relax and just enjoy the country without having to count your change and restrict yourself to a budget.

Average cost in Manila, Philippines:
Hostel: Our Awesome Hostel – 400 peso/night
Food: 380 peso
Transportation: 30 peso
Attractions: 180 peso
Daily expense: 990 peso = S$28.40/day


7.  Nepal

Known for its numerous elaborate treks and for housing the world’s highest mountain, the Mount Everest, Nepal is much more than what the normal traveller perceives it to be. For the party-goer, enjoy the Nepali full-moon trance parties, lasting for 2-3 days. For the artists, learn the art of Thangka painting. Not only are there a myriad of activities going on in the various cities, it is all going at such cheap prices. The cheapest city in Asia is also said to be located in Nepal. Pokhara, the infamous cheapest city is the starting point of many fabulous treks and a peaceful place to just wander and luxuriate. Like Cambodia, be prepared to haggle for everything – including your hostel prices and save so much more.

Average cost in Pokhara, Nepal:
Hostel: Karma Guest House – 345 rupee/night
Food: 390 rupee
Transportation: 100 rupee
Attractions: 120 rupee
Daily expense: 955 rupee = S$12.40


8.  Laos

Laos is another easily-missed country due to its landlocked location but the amazing Lao wilderness is attracting backpackers looking for nature, adventure or both. Spend your days exploring the ancient Khmer temple ruins, zip-lining through the forests in northern Laos, boating through a 7km limestone cave in central Laos or trekking through the ‘100 waterfalls.’ The best country to experience its well-kept elements of ‘Old Asia’, Laos it becoming one of the most frequented countries for travellers looking to experience the Asian culture. If you looking to just lounge and take in the country, head down to Luang Prabang where the local attractions are all practically free and you can get an ice-cold Beerlao (one of the best beers I’ve ever tried) at dirt-cheap prices.

Average cost in Luang Prabang, Laos:
Hostel: Khammany Inn Guest House – 43,145 kip/night
Food: 70,000 kip
Transportation: 20,000 kip
Attractions: 25,000 kip
Daily expense: 158,145 kip = S$24.80

For more information and tips on traveling on a budget in Asia visit Travelog here.

Images (from top to bottom) courtesy of, Mike Andrew Photography,  Credit Suisse, Zet Travel, Journeys of Distinction, Phillipine EmbassyAccess Nepal Tour and Trekking and Wikipedia.

The Best Festivals and Events in Singapore This October

October in Singapore is full of thrills not just because it’s the month of Halloween but also because of these wonderful upcoming festivals. From drinking yourself silly to enriching yourself culturally, these festivals promise a day full of fun and new experiences that will keep you talking about it long after it’s over. Join in the festivities this October with these four festivals mentioned below.


1.  Oktober Fest Asia – 9 – 11 October 

Join in the festivities at Singapore’s largest Bavarian festival, Oktober Fest Asia. One of the island’s best beer festival is back this October with free flowing Bavarian beers, a true Munchen band, gourmet Bavarian food and not to forget, a boisterous and vibrant Bavarian party atmosphere. Expect the finest beers – Schneider Weisse, Weihenstephan, Weltenburger, Paulaner Brauhaus Bitburger and Beneditkiner and traditional Bavarian performances presented with a modern twist. Do buy your tickets early to get a 10% discount before the early bird promotion closes.


2.  Da:ns festival – 9 – 19 October

Da:ns festival is a 11 day affair that will make you fall in love with dance and randomly break out dancing whenever, wherever. In celebration of the spirit of movement, you can twist and turn at their workshops or watch amazing performances that will inspire and lift your heart. Starting with Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake and ending with flamenco and Bollywood-bhangra, there is something for everyone regardless of dance experience. With tickets going as low as $20, there is no reason not to join in the fun this dance season!


3.  Sake Festival – 12 October

With the increasing amount of Sake lovers in our tiny island, Sake festival makes a grand return to satisfy the masses. Treat yourselves to more than 200 types of limited edition Autumn Seasonal Sakes lovingly brought to you all the way from Japan. Of course, what is Sake without the amazing accompanying Japanese food? Delectable finger bites (such as grilled wagyu, beef, tuna etc) would also be available at the festival. Don’t worry if you’re not a Sake expert, just head down to the festival for a good time and unwind with your friends and family. Do take note that there is currently a buy 1 get 1 free promotion for Mastercard users, while stock last.


4.  Perspectives Film Festival  – October 16-19

Returning this year with the thought-provoking theme of displacement, Perspectives Film Festival 2014: Breakthroughs in Cinema is brought to you by a team of local students. The line-up challenges their audience to confront humanity’s uncomfortable realities and we assure you that all 7 movies would be breath-taking, contemplative and leave you reflecting on the struggles of life. This year, Perspectives take you beyond just a passive viewer with a line-up of ancillary activities before and during the festival. These include dialogue sessions, seminars and talks by recognized industry experts. Follow them on their Facebook page for updates, information and even contests to win free tickets to their screenings.

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Images (from top to bottom) courtesy of Oktoberfest Asia, Event Finda, Liquor Shop and Bar Orihara and Perspectives Film Festival.

Five Unmissable Singapore Halloween Events – October 2014

This year’s Halloween line-up in Singapore is amazing with non-stop excitement and action for the whole month of October. From good ol’ trick or treating to getting yourself scared senseless at Spooktacular, there is indeed something for everyone who wants to celebrate the occasion.

Here’s our top five hand-selected events for you to enjoy Singapore this Halloween.

Halloween Singapore - Sentosa Spooktacular

1. Sentosa Spooktacular 2014

The day of horror and fun is here for the brave, ghost-loving folks in Singapore. Sentosa Spooktacular returns with yet another night of Asia’s scariest fun, featuring only Asian ghosts and ghouls. This year, you will be entranced and shocked by Laddaland, the new haunted village where horror lurks at every corner. Step into the mysterious world and take every step with caution. You never know when someone – or something will just leap out of nowhere and refuse to let you go. Having established a reputation for being one of the best and biggest Halloween festivals in Asia, you are bound to have a good (scary) time with Spooktacular.

2. Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights

Another Singapore favorite, USS Halloween combines horror with amazing storylines and characters. This seemingly innocent theme park will transform into various haunted houses and scare zones for 12 special nights. Slightly more diverse than Spooktacular, there will be photo opportunities, shopping and restaurants around for those who need a break.

Run For Your Lives - Singapore Halloween - October 2014

3. 2014 Run For Your Lives Singapore @ West Coast Park

For those not familiar with the concept of themed runs, here’s one to start you off! Run for your lives Singapore features a 5km obstacle course – with zombies. Participants get to be either a Zombie or a Survivor and both will navigate through different terrains and physically challenging obstacles (either getting chased or being chased). The event is billed as training for when the real zombie apocalypse comes, and is a great alternative for those who want to join in the Halloween fun that’s less intense than the other horror festivals going on around the island.

Singapore - Halloween - 2014 - Highway to Hell

4. 2014 Highway To Hell Night Drive

Highway to Hell is a unique horror event where you’ll have to race around Singapore collecting certain items in order to complete the game and send the devils back to hell. Sure, that sounds easy. But imagine standing in the middle of a graveyard with absolutely no light around you. You don’t know what’s watching you or what will happen if you make a wrong move. Will the devils be after you? Highway to Hell plays on your vivid imagination and makes sure you have a thrilling ride the entire night.

Singapore Halloween 2014 - Woodlands Woodgrove - Trick or Treat

5. Halloween Trick or Treat at Woodlands Woodgrove

For those looking to make Halloween a family affair or simply enjoy the tradition of trick or treating, head down to Woodlands Woodgrove on the 31st October where there will be a massive Trick or Treat happening in the neighborhood. It is the only official Trick or Treat in Singapore, so dress up for the occasion and bring a huge basket for your candy.

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Images (from top to bottom) courtesy of Sistic, (2 and 5), Run For Your Lives Singapore (Facebook) and Highway to Hell Night Drive (Facebook).

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