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11 Invaluable Tips for Tackling Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market

Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market is famous for its bustling atmosphere, the huge variety of goods (ranging from animals to clothing to art) and how cheap everything is there. What’s a trip to Bangkok without going to Chatuchak? In order to help you make the best out of your trip to the Chatuchak weekend market, here are 11 tips for you.

1.  Familiarize Yourself With the Map

Chatuchak Market Map
Chatuchak has 27 sections and more than 8,000 stalls. To save time and not risk getting lost, look through the map and circle the sections that you want to visit the most before planning your route for the day.

2.  Directions to Chatuchak

directions to Chatuchak
Chatuchak Market is adjacent to the Kamphaengpecth Station (MRT) about 5 minute walk from Mochit Skytrain (BTS) Station and Suan Chatuchak (Chatuchak Park) Station (MRT). However, taking a tuk-tuk is really cheap in Bangkok, so just hop onto one and you’ll definitely reach Chatuchak in no time (without getting lost).

3.  The Vintage Section

Chatuchak Vintage Section
If you are into vintage clothing, do check out Section 5-6. The variety of clothing, accessories and second-hand leather goods at dirt-cheap prices will surprise you. Do not purchase anything from the first few stores you see at the start of the section, the real 100-baht deals are hidden away from the front.

4.  Bring a Trolley Bag

Chatuchak Market Getting Around
With all the amazing deals in Chatuchak, you’ll definitely be buying truckloads of goods and lugging them around the market is going to be a chore. Bring a simple trolley bag that you can throw your clothes in and just wheel your precious goods around with ease.

5.  Replenish Your Energy

Chatuchak Market Food Stalls
The food in Chatuchak is delicious. From the famous coconut ice cream (look for the stall that not only sells ice cream, but also offers free coconut water), to the typical Bangkok street food to the mixed rice style stalls around, you’ll never go hungry while shopping.

6.  Keep Yourself Hydrated

Chatuchak Market Food and Drink
The tropical hot weather will leave you parched and in need of water. Our suggestion would be to bring a bottle of water so you can hydrate yourself wherever, whenever. However if you forgot to bring water, you can just purchase ice-cold bottles of beers, soda and mineral water from the vendors along the open main streets.

7.  You’ll Never See the Same Store Twice

Chatuchak Market Clothes Stores
If you are hesitant about buying something, don’t put it on hold and think that you’ll come back. The complicated layout of Chatuchak will ensure that you’ll never find the same store again – or you’ll spend hours looking for that same store. So if you really like something, just buy it!

8.  After Hours

Chatuchak Market Late Night
If you still want to continue shopping after the market closes at 7pm, the pedestrian walkways right outside the market comes alive with clothing and accessories stall till late. The goods offered are cheaper than the market but there’s less variety and less food stalls.

9.  Bargain, Bargain, Bargain

Chatuchak Market Retail
As with all the other shopping centres and markets in Bangkok, you have to bargain as much as possible. Do not show too much interest when you’re asking for the price and be prepared to walk away but do not expect a crazy 50% discount. The best you’ll get is a bulk discount.

10.  Shipping Companies

Chatuchak Market Shipping Companies
For those who simply bought too much, there are shipping companies like DHL and TNT available around the market. They will collect your purchases and send them back to your hotel so that you can continue shopping without any baggage.

11.  JJ Mall

Chatuchak Market JJ Mall
If you get tired of braving the crowds in Bangkok’s intense heat, head down to the 4-storey JJ Mall that’s only a 10 minute walk away. The mall is air conditioned with food courts, clothing stores (though slightly more expensive), actual restaurants and massage parlors. It’s a terrific place for cooling down and relaxing after a day of shopping.

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The Ten Best Budget Hotels in Bangkok

Bangkok is a wonderland filled with rainbows and unicorns for the budget traveler with its cheap and incredible food, shopping and nightlife. And these low prices apply to Bangkok’s accommodation as well. A night in a budget hotel includes all that you can ever wish for – amazingly comfortable beds, mouth-watering breakfasts and not to forget, free WIFI.

Here’s a guide to the top ten budget Bangkok hotels that cost less than fifty dollars a night.


1.  Budacco Hotel

Just a stone’s throw away from the Pratunam morning market and Platinum Mall, Budacco is a little colorful haven tucked away from the busy, noisy Bangkok streets. With 48 spacious rooms in 6 different color styles and impeccable service standards, this is a shopaholic’s ultimate resting point.


2.  IMM Fusion Sukhumvit

This unique Morrocan-styled hotel is perfect for the budget traveler looking to unwind after a day of exploring Bangkok. IMM Fusion is one of the few budget hotels that actually have a beautiful swimming pool with many cozy lounge areas.  Though it may not be centrally located in Sukhumvit, cheap transportation in Bangkok makes this a minor, negligible concern in comparison to the wonders IMM Fusion offers.


3.  Citin Pratunam Hotel

Looking for a one stop budget hotel in the Pratunam area that will cater to all your needs? Citin Pratunam is your answer. They offer the most comprehensive services, from the newly opened Citin Spa to the complimentary tuk-tuk service; all you need to do is check-in and enjoy the rest of your holiday – fuss-free.


4.  Dang Derm Hotel

Dang Derm is the perfect destination for those seeking convenience and comfort. Not only is it located in Khao San – the most popular street market, but it is also within a 10-minute radius of the Grand Palace and Wat Pho.  The hotel’s facilities and services are also in accordance with the highest standards.


5.  Tune Hotel Asoke

Located in Sukhumvit, Tune aims for convenient service at a discount price. Do not worry, this does not mean discounted facilities, Tune’s beds are said to be made by the same manufacturer who produces beds for 5 star hotels. On top of their excellent facilities, Tune is a short walk from popular mall, Terminal 21 and the nightlife centre of Nana.


6.  Best Western Klassique Sukhumvit

Another Sukhumvit gem, Best Western is ideal for those looking for an authentic retreat in Bangkok. Away from the tourist spots (though still easily accessible by the cheap public transport), the hotel is surrounded by local night markets and restaurants. You’ll be able to experience living like a Thai local, the only difference is that you’ll be sleeping in luxury every night!


7.  Lemon Tea Hotel

The concept of Lemon Tea Hotel is ‘Casual, Easy, and Fresh,’ much like drinking a glass of lemon tea. Sticking true to its values, the hotel is cozy and clean with exemplary service. What sets it apart is the impressive minimalist style that’s great for photo opportunities. Get ready to whip out your camera and spend hours just photographing this picture-perfect hotel.


8.  Check Inn Chinatown by Sarida

Check Inn is a little sanctuary situated in the heart of one of the most vibrant areas of Bangkok – Chinatown. Among the frantic shopping and delicious street food stalls and restaurants, Check Inn is hidden away from all the hustle and bustle. Get a good night’s rest here and enjoy all that Bangkok has to offer.


9.  Asia Hotel Bangkok

Situated in Siam – one of the most expensive areas in Bangkok, Asia Hotel has the splendor of a 5 star hotel with the price of a budget hotel. The prices here are actually just a little out of our budget for cheap hotels but we couldn’t resist recommending it. Where else can you pay little more than $50 a night for entertainment (we’re talking about the famous lady cabaret show in its in-house theatre), two swimming pools, gyms and spa? Be prepared to be dazzled by Asia Hotel.

Find out more about the Asia Hotel Bangkok here.


10.  Ziniza Place

Ziniza Place is an oasis for families who are looking for luxury without the hefty price tag. The best part of Zinizia is its location – close to Bangkok’s finest shopping malls, restaurants and famous tourist spots. Its close distance to the Chatuchak Weekend Market at Bangsue station only adds to the benefits of staying in Ziniza. Stay close to the action and retreat swiftly back to your hotel for a relaxing time whenever the children start getting tired.

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