Nine Travel Apps to Make Your Next Trip Hassle-Free

It can be difficult trying to organise a trip and find your way around when traveling due to differences in language, culture, timezone and numerous other factors. As travel lovers ourselves, we’ve collected list of useful travel applications to help you from trip planning to traveling to experiencing your next trip. Who says smartphones are just for updating your social media or keeping in contact with loved ones while traveling? For those with smartphones, here are the nine apps that will make travelling much easier and fuss-free.

1.  Google Maps

Cost: Free; for iPhone, iPad and Android


With Google Maps on hand, you will never have to worry about getting lost in a foreign land (that’s if you have internet connection). Car/Bus/Walking routes are readily available with real-life traffic updates and 360 degree street views. For those who drive, the voice-guided GPS navigation would help you breeze through your long journeys.

2.  Google Translate

Cost: Free; for iPhone, iPad and Android


Another amazing app by Google would be Google Translate. You will no longer be lost in translation again with access to this application. Either type into a word box or use the speaking option to get a translation. There are 58 languages available in text and 23 languages worth of spoken converted phrases.

3.  GateGuru

Cost: Free; for iPod, iPad, Android and Windows


GateGuru is the ultimate one-stop app to manage your travel. The best function of GateGuru would be its JourneyCard, filled with information about your itinerary, any real-time updates and specific airport information. Also, with the app, you can easily access information such as airport food and amenity at the airports you’ll be at, weather updates and airport maps and tips. With GateGuru, never feel panicked and lost at a foreign airport again.

4.  Kayak

Cost: Free; for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and BlackBerry


For those who are too busy to spend hours on your laptop comparing hundreds of flight, accommodation and car rental sites, Kayak is your answer. The app provides a swift comparison of tons of travel sites so that you can make a better, informed choice. Also, they have other features like managing itineraries, flights and airport info.

5.  Travel List

Cost: $1.99 for iPhone


Travel List is the perfect app for those who tend to forget things like their toothbrush or phone charger when packing. Simply key in the items that you need to pack into your suitcase and the app will send you reminders of last-minute things that you need to bring. The app can also help you plan your luggage according to your calendar so you wouldn’t miss out on anything.

6.  Trip It

Cost: Free; for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry


Trip It is a one-stop app for all your trip details. From flights, accommodation, car rentals to maps and directions, the app has it all. It also allows you to share itineraries and post travel plans on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For extra convenience, you can also sync your travel plans to your phone calendar.

7.  Wi-Fi Finder

Cost: Free; for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry


Wi-Fi is extremely important for travellers who need to keep in contact with their friends and families back home or those who want to use social media or even check email while on the road. Wi-Fi Finder does exactly as its name suggest, it gives you directions to the nearest available Wi-Fi hotspot and you can save on buying a Sim card or substantial roaming charges.

8.  XE Currency

Cost: Free; for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry


For those who are terrible at doing math, this app is literally a life-saver when you’re travelling in a country with a different currency. The XE Currency app offers up to 180+ immediate currency conversions, you can even convert prices in isolated areas.  For those who are keeping track of currency changes, the app also provides free emails and news about the current currency rates.

9.  Travelog

Cost: Free; for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry


Travelog provides travelers with travel to do’s and the latest local travel stories. Organised into useful shortlists created by local travel experts of things to do, places to visit and where’s best to eat and drink in popular cities across Asia. Travelog is designed to help travelers avoid the information overload when trip planning. Travelog cities include, Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.


Images from Apple App Store.

Still looking for apps to make your next trip planning experience a breeze? Check out these useful links for more ideas:


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