Think You’ve Seen it All? Check Out These Unique Cafes in Tokyo

1.  Butler’s Café
Location: Shibuya

Butler's Cafe

Maid Cafes are taking over Japan by storm, but what about a Butler café? The first observation you will make upon entering this café, is that it’s service staff is made up foreign men from Western countries who will speak to you entirely in English and call you ‘princess’. The whole reason being that this café was founded for Japanese women to practise their English. Staying true to their character, they serve customers with the professionalism and efficiency as a real butler would (complete with ringing of a bell, should you require service). The price to pay for such service is of course steep, with prices from 850 to 2200 Yen, but the food served is tasty and it’s one of those experiences you’d only find in Japan.

2.  Planetarium STARRY Café
Location: Haneda Airport Tokyo
With beautiful 360 degree projection of constellations, the Planetarium STARRY Café is sure to leave you amazed. Have your coffee under the stars but sheltered from the elements. By request, the screens above are also able to project educational videos, or short animations. The planetarium screens different shows throughout the week so every visit will be a new experience. This café serves a hodgepodge of food from snacks such as popcorn, hotdogs to salad, pasta and they even have a bar which opens after 5.30pm. This is a top dating spot for the locals with its intimate and romantic setting in a city where its street lights tend to outshine the natural stars.

3.  Calbee Plus Café
Location: Harajuku

Calbee +Calbee is one of Japan’s most reknowned snack makers, more importantly for their crisps and chips. The Calbee Plus Café allows patrons to enjoy a variety of Calbee snacks which are not available on supermarket shelves, such as chocolate covered Calbee crisps. Those who are fans of the calbee snacks, can get them made fresh on the spot. While queuing up for your bowl of piping hot potato crisps, you can watch the makers in their craft as they peel, fry and dry the potato slices. Whether it be salty or sweet, Calbee Plus Café has it on its menu and it’s definitely an experience for those looking to try a freshly made Japanese snack.

 4.  Ninja Akasaka
Location: Chiyoda

Ninja Akasaka

This ninja themed eatery is more of a restaurant than a café. However due to it’s unique theme, we’re including it in the list. As you enter the restaurant, you’ll be lead through some tunnels and a bridges, by a ninja, before you are led to your private room. You’re told to find the ‘hidden’ button to call for service when you’ve decided what to order. Halfway through your meal, the Master Ninja will pay a visit to your room and perform a couple of tricks which will definintely enthrall and intrigue you. However be warned that the food here isn’t cheap and dinner usually comes in the form of set menus with about 7 courses. However, it is an interesting dining experience for both families and friends.

5. N3331 Café
Location: Chiyoda

N3331 cafeLocated on the platform between two railways, sits a quaint little café which serves light snacks and drinks. The N3331 Cafe might be in a rather small and intimate setting, but it is great for people watching with it’s ceiling to window glass providing a 360 view of the trains and its passengers flanking either sides. This café may not be for everyone, especially if you’re not into the chugging and chooing of a train every now and then but it does provide a rather different experience. If you have an afternoon to spare and trains are your thing, this café would definitely pique your interest. This café is willing to rent it out it’s space and host wedding parties too, perfect for the train enthusiasts.

6.  Sakuragaoka Café
Location: Shibuya

Sakuragaoka Café

When someone tells you to visit the ‘Goat café’ in Tokyo, they aren’t referring to the name of the café but instead the pair of goats which reside outside. Sakuragoaka Café should be visited not just for of its unoffical mascots but the interior oozes a laid back chill vibe with eclectic furnishing. The café serves a variety of western food from pizza to pasta within a low price range of 500 to 1200 Yen. also has a western style bar which is opened until the early morning. This place is a great place to hang and chill out with friends over lunch or a drink and the two goats will definitely be a talking point.

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Images courtesy of (from top to bottom) Hir@gana Times, Pinterest, Tokyo Belly, Time Out Tokyo, TokyoingTexan in Tokyo.

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