Five Unmissable Singapore Halloween Events – October 2014

This year’s Halloween line-up in Singapore is amazing with non-stop excitement and action for the whole month of October. From good ol’ trick or treating to getting yourself scared senseless at Spooktacular, there is indeed something for everyone who wants to celebrate the occasion.

Here’s our top five hand-selected events for you to enjoy Singapore this Halloween.

Halloween Singapore - Sentosa Spooktacular

1. Sentosa Spooktacular 2014

The day of horror and fun is here for the brave, ghost-loving folks in Singapore. Sentosa Spooktacular returns with yet another night of Asia’s scariest fun, featuring only Asian ghosts and ghouls. This year, you will be entranced and shocked by Laddaland, the new haunted village where horror lurks at every corner. Step into the mysterious world and take every step with caution. You never know when someone – or something will just leap out of nowhere and refuse to let you go. Having established a reputation for being one of the best and biggest Halloween festivals in Asia, you are bound to have a good (scary) time with Spooktacular.

2. Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights

Another Singapore favorite, USS Halloween combines horror with amazing storylines and characters. This seemingly innocent theme park will transform into various haunted houses and scare zones for 12 special nights. Slightly more diverse than Spooktacular, there will be photo opportunities, shopping and restaurants around for those who need a break.

Run For Your Lives - Singapore Halloween - October 2014

3. 2014 Run For Your Lives Singapore @ West Coast Park

For those not familiar with the concept of themed runs, here’s one to start you off! Run for your lives Singapore features a 5km obstacle course – with zombies. Participants get to be either a Zombie or a Survivor and both will navigate through different terrains and physically challenging obstacles (either getting chased or being chased). The event is billed as training for when the real zombie apocalypse comes, and is a great alternative for those who want to join in the Halloween fun that’s less intense than the other horror festivals going on around the island.

Singapore - Halloween - 2014 - Highway to Hell

4. 2014 Highway To Hell Night Drive

Highway to Hell is a unique horror event where you’ll have to race around Singapore collecting certain items in order to complete the game and send the devils back to hell. Sure, that sounds easy. But imagine standing in the middle of a graveyard with absolutely no light around you. You don’t know what’s watching you or what will happen if you make a wrong move. Will the devils be after you? Highway to Hell plays on your vivid imagination and makes sure you have a thrilling ride the entire night.

Singapore Halloween 2014 - Woodlands Woodgrove - Trick or Treat

5. Halloween Trick or Treat at Woodlands Woodgrove

For those looking to make Halloween a family affair or simply enjoy the tradition of trick or treating, head down to Woodlands Woodgrove on the 31st October where there will be a massive Trick or Treat happening in the neighborhood. It is the only official Trick or Treat in Singapore, so dress up for the occasion and bring a huge basket for your candy.

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Images (from top to bottom) courtesy of Sistic, (2 and 5), Run For Your Lives Singapore (Facebook) and Highway to Hell Night Drive (Facebook).

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